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About Us

East of India was started in England by John Ayris and Anne Spratling in 1991. John had travelled extensively while Anne had studied fashion and textile design at Canterbury Art College. On a trip through Asia in the early nineties they met a talented man who had a beautiful wooden pig for sale, hand carved from a tree he had grown himself. They bought the pig and several other pieces and took them home as gifts for friends and family. The gifts were so well received and demand for them so great, they decided to start their own business introducing these beautiful handmade goods to the UK — and East of India was born. A small range of products was developed and their first consignment was brought to the UK and distributed to local shops, many of whom are still their customers.

Today, all East of India products continue to be designed with love and care at their studio in Folkestone, England. They have developed some wonderful resources to help craft their designs using traditional skills passed down through the generations. In fact, today East of India supports not only that original talented man but his family and friends. It’s the skills of these craftsman and others that give East of India products a distinctive and unique quality. The East of India team in Folkestone has also grown and evolved, with John and Anne still at the helm responding with energy and enthusiasm to the ever changing requirements of a small business. With their support and guidance, we introduce you to this unique collection that touches people — bringing smiles and celebrating the good things in life.

Heaven in Earth was born almost a decade ago. Previously, Jocelyn ran a garden maintenance and design business in Sydney, and Justin had an excellent tree surgery business. Both being horticulturists, we adore plants, outdoors and the health and joys that goes along with working outside.

We started Heaven in Earth after the birth of our son, Scott, and we moved to nine acres on the South Coast, NSW. Here (now with Sean our youngest) we produce many items found in our catalogue. Other products are made by local people or sourced from Australian makers.

We are also importing many items from England and France, including the products from companies we represent, Nutscene, Creamore Mill.  In 2011 we started DIM - The Imaginary Factory and East of India, with Garden trading joining later in the year. Now we have added Sting in the Tail plus very special addtions.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.

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But here it is all about the fabulous, the beautiful and the wonderful East of India!

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